$1,000 per month - EASY ADVERTISING- 5 needed

We are a paramedic school in the US and we help train people get the state license and help them get placed at hospitals and ambulance companies so they can make $51,460 a year ($4,288 a month) .

We need you to go here http://www.tinylink2009.com/u543dc_picture_banners.php those are our ads, we need you to advertise these banners everywhere. When they click on the banner it will take them http://www.tinylink2009.com/u543dc_adcontent.php We will give you all the codes and the tracking codes.

After they go to that page http://www.tinylink2009.com/u543dc_adcontent.php they will fill out a form becuase they are interested in becoming an EMT and making $4,288 per month.

We will pay you 0.10 for everyone that fills out that form. This is very easy to do because everyone wants to make $4,288 a month ($51,288 per year)

A few requirements
A. you can advertise this anywhere criags, any web site that you want we pay when they fill out the form.

B. Your ad must only be in the US.. our school is only in US so we only pay for US leads

C. we only pay for working leads do not use fake leads

D. people must read our ad than fill out the form we do not want anyone that has not seen our ad.

We need 10,000 people to fill out that form every month for 1 year and we will pay $1000 per month for 1 year. Please bid $30 bid for the trail run and answer the question below to start

1. please make a list of 10 sites that you will advertise our banner on
2. what kind of other marketing have you done before.

Please bid $30 bid for the trail run and answer the question above to start
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Budget: $30-$250 USD
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