Data Analyst

If you fail to follow the directions for this posting your application will be automatically rejected. Position opening for a Real Estate Analyst and Data Entry.  Prior experience is not a prerequisite for this position, but obviously any background could prove to be advantageous.  Successful applicant will assist Real Estate Appraiser in market research and also in writing reports for various properties in the Southern California market. Work is a mixture of market analysis, data transfer and form filling. Applicant MUST be able to speak and write English at a university level, as well as be able to perform simple arithmetic calculations. Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel and a strong understanding of Windows products is mandatory. Applicants with the aforementioned experience and possessing a working knowledge of statistics will be given preference. Work hours are flexible, but require 30 hours minimum/week.  The position requires a minimum 1.5 Mb internet connection and a 17” monitor. Please provide both proof of monitor size and a copy of a or equivalent WITH APPLICATION.  No proof, no consideration for the position. Please provide information about positions you have held, or experience you possess that confirms your ability to research, analyze and write reports. 
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