Filipino Technical Assistant

Job Description

I am looking for competent technical assistant.
You must be familiar in working with Wordpress, Awebber and HTML.
You must be reliable and fast.
You need to be able to follow instructions on how to implement scripts, pluggings and other online tools.
You will be self managing and know how to “figure out” things and get things to work.  You will need to understand the following task
Basic Cpanel
 Install wordpress
 Delete wordpress
 Change DNS
 Organize domains
 Set up lists
 Add follow up messages
 Install pluggins
 Make pluggins work
 Install web scripts (not write bur read instructions and install)

Plus various other tasks I set

You should also have good writing skills and beable to screen capture photos so I can have you write up what you do.

A typical job I might say “set up this shop cart on this page with these products” And I would send you a file by FTP.  You would go away, read the online information and set up the shop as instructed, only contacting me for clarity on what variables must be used. I.e.  you would look at the plug-in variables, make a list sheet and send it to me for completion of everything you need to complete the task. I will then return it completed so you can do the job.

This is an on going job that may become full time.

Please answer one (or both) of these questions in your application:

1) What are the three steps to setting up a database in cpanel?

Step 1)
Step 2)
Step 3)

2) What is the short code used in the shop cart pluggin wp-estore that displays an "Add to Cart" button in a post or page on wordpress?

Answer is found somewhere on this website:   The plugin is called WP-estore. You must find the guide, find the info and find then the shortcode. This should take 5 mins. 


 I must as you to do this before I even look at your application as it makes sure only people who find this easy apply.

No answers = delete application

Budget: n/a


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