Illustrations needed for childrens book

I have a simple childrens rhyming story that I am planning to make into a printable paperbased book and an online audio flip page book. It is a product I will be providing for free on my website.

I need about 15 illustrations for the book and they will need to be provided in png or jpeg format.

The story is about a girl who teases other children until one day her mirror casts a spell on her and reflects all of her negative comments back at her. She learns about bullying the hard way.

Here is a sample of the text
"The beautiful Mirrora went out to play.
She ran into Lipita one day.
Mirrora talked about Lipita's lips;
something about them sinking ships.
She said they were big, but worst of all
It made Lipita feel quite small........"

"Mirror mirror, such as me
I will help Mirrora see
Every time she talks and taunts
It is her image I will haunt
Every word of hurt will teach her
As it becomes her very own feature"

Please provide a sample of your work when bidding
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Budget: $30-$250 AUD
Project posted by: kathrynmc


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