Virtual Assistant - Calls, E-mails, Research

 - occasionally make phone calls to companies in the US to get information (e.g. call and find out the hours of the store, what they charge for a certain product, and then e-mail me that info)
 - occasionally contact companies by e-mail to get information (same as above)
 - locate specific files on request (e.g. I might want you to get me a Photoshop 8bf filter that removes the background from a photo of a person)
 - do web research fast and efficiently - no sitting for 10minutes on one screen while you play WOW on another - I can see that through the work diary :)

---You must be available frequently on Skype and (preferably) Google Talk or Gtalk -- It's no good if I can't reach you.---

---If you know HTML, it would be very helpful, but not required. I don't mean using Frontpage or Word or Dreamweaver, but actually be able to code HTML in notepad. CSS would be good too, but again not required. ---

I need someone who understands instructions easily, without me having to educate them. It's no good if I lose time. And you must be available by IM, not 24/7 but frequently.
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Budget: n/a


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