Do you want a free and independent job where you can get visible results immediately?
No financial risk, no charges. We do not demand experience or education. If you enjoy browsing the internet, use the electronic media fluidly, learn new programs quickly and are familiar with local tourism business - this is a job for you.

We appreciate:
-the ability for systematic and diligent remote work
-a positive service attitude
-knowledge of the tourism branch
-language proficiency
-visual ability
-knowledge of animation-, video-, image processing- and database programs
-social networking and the ability for group work.

Test this job opportunity risk-free. You will be asked to update 1 ad online for test. If the quality is ok and you want to continue we pay a fee each week for making ads, according to the quality and quantity of them. With the help of STN efficient programs you can make even hundreds of STN ads in a month. When the STN ads of your area are ready you will send individual emails with our mailing programs: maintenance links for STN ads, STN AdShow statistics, offers etc. You fix the STN ads according to the feedback nearly online and activate new AdShow campaigns.
We pay minimum 50% commission for the sold AdShow campaigns. Usually our customers want a ready STN ad and to choose from a few AdShow campaigns. When the STN ad is great and the service quick, some customers choose an effective chargeable AdShow campaign. You can also send maintenance links by email, in which case your customers can choose and pay for an AdShow campaign, fix or even delete their STN ad themselves.

In a couple of months you can show your competence and then you can recruit more agents, expand your area, proceed into management tasks and, of course, improve your income.
B-to-B, franchising, freelance, practical training, a thesis, a full- or part-time job, as you like.

We are looking for a long-term cooperation.

Send STN an informal email with your contact information and you can start your training and learning immediately.
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Budget: $3000-$5000 USD
Project Posted by: vladimir20


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