I am the owner of My Green Corner - my green corner.com
My directory has a database which consist, as you can see in the left section of the site, on 576 categories. I would like to increase this number, and for that, I need your help. All you need to posses is to know English at perfection, have a logic thinking and some spare time.
The project consists in you making a .txt file with the following format, which will contain the information regarding the subcategories which need to be added:

Category parent:
Proposed category:
Meta description:
Meta keywords:



My Green Corner has a subdirectory named Clothing: mygreencorner . com /Shopping/Clothing/
As you can probably realize, this is way to little for a general directory (and as a proof, you can see that there are over 85 listings). What you need to produce in the txt file is something like this (lets suppose you reached the 123rd proposed category):

Category parent: Shopping/Clothing/
Proposed category: Accessories
Meta description: Everyone wears clothing accessories. Whether you search for a belt or a handbag, a wallet or a watch, find best resources in our Clothing Accessories subdirectory.
Meta keywords: clothing, accessories, wallets, belts, handbags, luggage, sunglasses, watches

Category parent: Shopping/Clothing/
Proposed category: Footwear
Meta description: Find quality footwear resources recommended by My Green Corner directory. Save time searching for shoes and socks, by browsing through our footwear subcategory.
Meta keywords: footwear, socks, footlocker, adidas, nike, shoes, slippers, sandal, boots

Category parent: Shopping/Clothing/
Proposed category: Costumes
Meta description: We have listed in our costumes subdirectory, the some of the most important web resources related to costumes, whether they are meant for Halloween, costume parties or other events where they are needed.
Meta keywords: kids costumes, movie costumes, couples costumes, homemade costumes, plus size costumes, costume ideas, funny costumes, disney costumes

Category parent: Shopping/Clothing/
Proposed category: Men's
Meta description: Before buying some cloth item for a man, take a look at these carefully reviewed resources by My Green Corner editors.
Meta keywords: clothing, brands, men, trendy, urban, designer, vintage, wholesale


and so on.
You have to analyze all the directory and to create 500 new subcategories (you can only propose subcategories, subsubcategories and so on - no top categories). Take for reference other directories, but add only relevant subcategories. I.e., For the Clothing subcategory example given above, I used:


and only listed a few subcategories. Your job is to list only the most important subcategories. I.e, Wigs and Natural Fiber are not really that used (as you can see in Dirjournal, they don't even have any listings in it, so don't write them down). Key points you should have in mind:
1. At least 150 characters UNIQUE meta-descriptions. NO orthographic mistakes, make the phrases different, as the ones I wrote above.
2. At least 5 UNIQUE meta-keywords. Don't copy them from anywhere else.
3. No redundancies. Don't post in example same subcategory to other category parents. Keep your logic. If you are not sure, move on and don't write it down.
4. I want an unique index. Try to be creative. Don't write all subcategories from one of the directories I gave as example, this is called coping, and I am not interested in this.
5. Take your time! Supposing you do one subcategory every 5 mins, that means you will do 12/h, 96/day. You will finish this in 6 days, for which I am willing to pay $1 per category (depending on your bids), meaning $500.
6. Keep the .txt structure EXACTLY as specified.

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Budget: $250-$750 USD
Project Posted by: dugu


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