AMERICANS ONLY (ebay sellers) -Budget: $750-$1500 USD

- good feedback, the more the better
- ability to deal with customers
- ability to accomplish every instruction given
- ability to deal nice and quickly with me

This is the project:
- list my items according to availability
- answer buyers questions with the support of the resources provided or with my direct help
- send me items numbers and relative buyer's address details
- fill an overall project table with your sales data (number of bids and bidders, views count, number of watchers, final price with subtracted ebay and paypal fees and your commision, etc.)

My policy:
- you will be given any kind of instructions once only; I don't want to hear the same questions again
- you can choose if payments are going to be sent entirely to me (I will then send your share back) or to be sent net directly; in any case I will still want you to fill the table with the correct calculations
- payments must be sent to the paypal address I will give you within 4 days from the end of auctions; items will be shipped in time and you will be provided with a copy of the postage receipts (with tracking numbers printed on them)
- I don't want you to report me any tiny issue; unless the situation is really complicated I rely on your brain's functions to be able to solve the customers whim

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Budget: $750-$1500 USD
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