Design Industries is a web and software development company you want to work for. We are looking to hire a developer on a full time basis for four months, with an option to extend at the end of that time, to work with a team of people from around the world on an exciting new .NET web application project.

We are looking for someone with senior capability who will also be able to assist with resolving serious technical challenges, particularly around the database design and optimisation of search queries for web users.

The person we hire must have the following skills:

- Experience in .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, ASP.NET web forms,
- Experience with design patterns, preferably including ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and IoC (Inversion of Control),
- Experience with OOP, have knowledge of WCF, SOA, LINQ to Entity, ADO.NET Entity Framework,
- Have extensive skills in working with MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 ( database design),
- Have skills on CSS, JQuery, Ajax, X/HTML, XML, XSLT, XPath, JSON,
- Knowledge of .NET project hosting / deployment strategies,
- Fluently using SVN, experience with using SVN in a multi-developer environment,
- Excellent English, in reading, writing speaking and listening, including writing technical documents, emails, usage of IM tools,
- Capability in working independently or as a team,
- Experience in working with team members in different time zones.

Due to the nature of the industry and the type of clients that Design Industries has, we look for people who have a wide range of skills over a number of different technologies, as it is likely that we will be wanting to seek assistance on multiple projects. In addition, we need those with the ability to quickly understand and implement emerging web technologies e.g. Facebook, Get Satisfaction, Google Apps, Salesforce, the more the merrier, and something new that will emerge tomorrow...

Therefore we will look favourably upon applications where considerable experience is shown in the following areas:

- Sitecore
- .NET 1.1
- Mobile app experience (iPhone / Android / Windows 7)
- Java
- C / C++
- Cocoa Framework
- Android SDK

The challenges of having development team members in different locations across different time zones are considerable and Design Industries has a number of processes which must be adhered to without fail. These include:

- Daily reporting of tasks completed to management
- Recording time in our time tracking system as you go
- Usage of our project management and bug tracking systems
- Adhering to our SVN policies

Following these policies (and any other such policy we may introduce) is non-negotiable and failure to comply may lead to termination.

Short-listed candidates will be subjected to a short test to determine suitability in the challenging environment that we operate in.

Please attach CVs to your response to this ad.
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Budget: min $5000 AUD
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