CRM system (Customer Relations Management)-Budget: $300-$5000 USD

 Hi there, I need a CRM system suitable for a web a design company. I plan to make it as automated as possible from my perspective. I need 4 user tiers. Admin (just me), Managers (to manage the designers), Designers, and Clients.

Here are the features I need implemented for each tier.


* Calendar, for keeping track of due dates/milestones.
* Ticketing, for messaging designers/managers/me.
* Live chat, for setting appointments with designers, and talking to designers live.
* Reporting, shows current progress, email reporting can be set up
* History, shows order history, ticket history, etc.
* Referrals, allows refer-a-friend, in exchange for a gift card or something.
* Complain, allows complaints, goes direct to me.
* Upload information, allows uploading of diagrams, images etc to show to designer.


* Calendar, allows due dates to be set, and dates to be crossed off as holidays, in which they'll get no work.
* Project tracking, shows current projects along with a brief description, can be expanded for full details including history of project.
* Contact, allows messaging of client, manager, and me.
* Live chat, allows appointments to be set with client or manager, and allows talking to them live.
* Submit completed work, allows submission of completed work, which will then be double-confirmed by the manager, then me, and will then go onto the client for any modifications. If there are none, it will be then sent onto a coder. (who will have a pretty similar interface to the designers).
* History, allows viewing of chat history and order history.


* Calendar, will show overdue projects, and projects near completion date.
* Customer Service, allows responding to customers pre-sales (although I may go with somewhere like liveperson for this).
* Track projects, will track all projects under designers under them.
* Chat history, will show chat history of designers.
* Review work, allows reviewing of completed work before it gets forwarded to me.
* Tickets, allows viewing, responding to, and opening tickets, with clients, designers, and me.
* Live chat, allows appointments to be set, and live talking to designers, clients and me.
* Unresponded tickets, view tickets of designers that haven't been responded to.
* Staff list, view designers under them, number of sales, percentage overdue etc. Hand out bonuses to best performing.


* Calendar, shows overdue projects, further individual details available if wanted.
* Tickets, view tickets, open new ones, respond.
* Live chat, set appointments, talk to people through the interface.
* $ Reporting, shows ROI, gross revenue, profit.
* History, shows chat history, ticket history, order history.
* Referrals, view weekly number of referrals, revenue generated from them.
* Project delivery confirmation, confirm projects are ok before sent to coder/client.
* Survey results, shows results of customer satisfaction survey, which is handed out with the finished design.
* Staff list, shows list of staff, managers shows designers under them, designers shows clients under them, revenue per staff member.
* Reporting, shows full details of current progress on individual jobs.

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Budget: $300-$5000 USD
Project Posted by:  eoJ


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