Scrape/Extract/Mine names, email addresses, and other information from the websites listed at (excluding #37 on the list - Bryan Cave). There are 50 law firms listed, with a link to the website for each firm. On each firm's website there is a link to "people" or "attorneys" that lists all the attorneys employed by the firm. For example, the first firm on the list - the records are listed at:

Each company has a similar page listing their people.

These are the records to be included in the results file.

The results are to be saved to an excel or CSV file with the following columns (a template file has been included as an attachment)

First Name, MiddleName (optional), Last Name, e-mail address, city, state (only for US), country, job title, company

This can be done either using a script or manually -- as long as the data is captured in the spreadsheet with the given columns.
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Budget: $500-$1500 USD
Project Posted by: dieterkp


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