Marketing of Career Skills Service in Sydney-Budget: min $5000 AUD

Our start up business aims to provide a unique and valuable form of career advice to those inexperienced in the Australian job market. Our target market includes people recently arrived in Australia, and, more generally, students/graduates seeking their first professional role. The business is starting in Sydney, Australia.

This marketing project is broad, including a range of start-up and hands-on activities, including:
1 Review the product definition
2 Develop and set up branding of the service
3 Determine, with us, a range of promotion and advertising methods that suit the target market and our business needs. We anticipate methods may include referrals, social media, promotional events, online advertising, and establishing sales commissions with related businesses our target market already has contact with.
4 Prioritise, execute, measure and track the above methods. The methods will be trialled in turn until a reliable, cost-effective form of advertising is discovered.
5 Provide a marketing interface to the operations side of the business.
6 Perform a handover to permanent employees once the optimal marketing process is established.

We are looking for someone with:
1 Experience in marketing to our target market, preferably services
2 Fluency in an Asian language, particularly Cantonese or Mandarin, will be highly regarded.
3 Ability to think like a business owner, to maximise return on marketing investment. We are not a billion dollar business with unlimited marketing budgets !
4 Time available during business hours to make sales calls/visits (in Sydney) to other organisations that could become partners in our marketing efforts

Your proposal/application should detail how you address the above requirements and your thoughts on likely timeframes necessary to execute. Due to the unknown timeframes of some of the above tasks, we will consider the bid amount as an indicative figure only, and will work with you to define a fair payment arrangement that rewards for effort and results.

The successful candidate will work closely with the founders directly.

Please contact for more information if necessary.    
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Budget: min $5000 AUD
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