36 illustrations, 10 x 10 cm-Budget: $1500-$3000 USD


I want 36 different illustrations on the magic/mystical swords theme. In a Heroic Fantasy style.

The swords needs to be the main visual (6 x 6 minimum on the 10 x 10 cm)

I want to see an example of the work you are proposing before giving the work.

For this example, please send an example (10 x 10 cm - 300 DPI) of your work, possibly a sword like "Excalibur" in the hand of the lady of the lake.

If the example is good for us, the final work will consists of 36 different swords (all details will be provided) in the same graphic style and colors.

Some example of the style recquired are attached to this message (ZIP file)
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Budget: $1500-$3000 USD
Project Posted by: STARCOM


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