Entertainment Company needs a personal office assistant. Looking for Philippines worker male or female and will consider other countries if the accent is correct.

You will help make sure that night club / venue owners are doing the required promotional advertisement that is required for each show. We book 17 different shows a month in all 50 states in the united states.

You will learn how to be an event promoter and booking agent and sales agent. You will grow from this job and could later become a concert or event promoter your self.


1. This job will be 40 hours a week. Continuous job.
2, You will be required to work a certain hours
3. You will be required to answer phone when I call.
4. Looking for Philippines worker or US based worker male or female. Will consider other country if have good accent.
5. Have to speak proper English.
6. Cannot have a deep accent from like Asian or India. This will not work for me.
7. Their will be bonuses for exceptional work.
8. Really interested in one person for this job. But I will consider a company if they put only 1 person to work my account.
9. You will work from home
10. You must have computer and telephone setup. Need to have internet phone for free long distance. Or something similar. Not sure what you have in your country.
11. You will need to make long distance phone calls.
12. You will need to have internet access.
13. I want to build an ongoing working relationaship for many years.


1. Smartsheet.com I will have tasked posted here on this site. I will monitor your work daily.
2. Google Calendar . This is where the shows are posted when booked.
3. Spread Sheets: You will need to know how to create and maneuver these sheets
4. Making contracts. You will edit word documents that I created for contracts send to club owners.
5. Sales calls research: You will need to research small and large cities in the US to find interested parties in the US.
6. Sales calls closer: You will be expected to close deals after a certain about of training. (Easy)
7. Email: Emails contracts promo.
8. Setup tickets on ticket out let site.
9. You need to be good with computer
10. Act contact database or similar contact database.
11. Photoshop grapahic design (easy). Use the simplest features. You will put names, dates, times on digital artwork (easy)


1. We will be able to verify all work on weather it is being complete or not.
2. We will use www.smartsheets.com to keep track of the work. So their is no way that you will be able to sit on your ass.
3.. If you plan on working 4 different jobs = do not apply.
3. If this is a company that plans on have 5 different people work on my job then = do not apply.
4. If I cannot contact you at work hours= do not apply
5. If you are not good with a computer = do not apply
6. If you don't have personal skills = do not apply


I will start you at $2.00 hour first week,
Raise you to $3.00 hour for 2nd or 2rd week depending on your progress.
I will bonus you after that if exceptional sales work is being done.
If you can prove that you can run this company. I will setup a great commission structure.

If you are not capable I will quickly fire you. I dealt with some jokers from this site before. So I need a really good qualified person. I can help train you on things you don't know. I want to scare off the unqualified workers

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Budget: min $5000 USD
Project Posted by: skybugward


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