We are looking for somebody who can can wirte a 500 page book about how to earn money on internet making your own affiliate web site. The content could be:

- How to create your own affiliate website using WordPress
- Which free pluings to use to set up the WordPress site
- Which paid for plugins to use.
- How to choose which affiliate networks to choose
- Which products to choose for your affiliate web site.
- How to marketing your site using SEO
- How to marketing your site using AdWords
- How to marketing your site using Facebook
- How to marketing your site using Social Networks
- How to use newsletters to get visitors
- How to use Google Analytics to optimise your site
- How to create content for your site
- How to calculate profit
- How to get extra income from Google Adsense

We prefer somebody who have some experience earning money on affiliate programs.

The text will be run through Copyscape.
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Budget: $750-$1500 USD
Project Posted by: CicoorHost


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