Guerilla Idea for Fast food Restuarant -Budget: $250-$750 USD

It revolves around this site:

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It's a bookmarklet that transforms all text and images on a webpage into objects, which a spaceship can thrust around, shoot, and destroy, like the game Asteroids.

We want to use that as a web concept for our client, a BBQ restaurant. The page would read kind of like this:


As part of his war on burgers, Oscar, BBQ restaurant owner, needs your help destroying other fast food sites:

Click here to destroy Burger King website:
Click here to destroy McDonald's website:
Click here to destroy Hardee's website:


When you click, it would take you to BK's site, where an cartoon tank with Oscar's head is waiting there (instead of the triangular spaceship) ready to destroy the burger site, as if you'd already clicked the bookmarklet.

Make sense?

I have permission from Erik Rotoff, the author, to use his code.

How involved would this be? Thanks!
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Budget: $250-$750 USD
Project Posted by: TheRepublik


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